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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  May 13, 2010 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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good morning to you. it is thursday morning, may 13, 2010. a live look at our nation's capitol. it is still a little bit wet out there. i'm gurvir dhindsa. let's go over to tucker to found out about that rain. >> a couple of light showers out there. the cooler temperatures have arrived once again. after jumping into the 70s yesterday, we'll be hanging out in the low 60s today. this forecast, up and down we go. today, we're down temperature- wise. lots of cloud cover across the
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area. see the green on your map down towards virginia beach and stretching back towards roanoke. that is the actual frontal system t continues -- it continues to sag to the south. owe someone city, maryland waking up to a temperature of 50 degrees. in wilmington, delaware, we're 46. our highs will only top out in the low to mid-60s. it will be cloudy and cool out there. could be some early scattered showers and light drizzle. you may need the windshield wipers as you head off to work here at least once or twice. back to the summertime weather tomorrow. that coming up. >> we want to look at our top stories now. prince george's county police say speed and a slick road played a factor in a deadly crash. it happened in landover last
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night. a 2-year-old girl was killed. her mother survived. police say the woman's car slid off the road and police are still investigating. parents and students are hoping for a calmer ride home on the school bus. a 14-year-old is behind bars accused of firing on a bus. police say a bullet came close identify fuel tank and inches from a seat with students. there is new video of the underwater oil leak in the gulf which shows aisle spewing like steam from a geyser. some of this has a lighter color because there is natural gas mixed in with the oil. and new this morning, the largest drugstore chain in the united states is holding off selling genetic testing kits at their stores. officials at walgreen's say the decision comes after the food and drug administration raised
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concerns with the kit's manufacturer. a crossing change at the busiest intersection in the district. seventh and eighth streets in northwest. pedestrians got a bit of a surprise. matt ackland shows us what is different. >> reporter: it is often referred to as the times square of washington, d.c. seventh and h is the busiest pedestrian crossing in the city. >> it can be very congested especially during rush hour. >> reporter: to help ease the congestion, the d.c. department of transportation is trying something they know will be confusing at first but with time will make a huge difference. >> i'd be confused at this didn't work at the department of transportation. >> reporter: yep, you're seeing it right. people are crossing diagonally from one corner to the other. basically, all traffic comes to
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a stop in all directions. then all pedestrians are free to cross. >> it is already confusion. >> i wasn't sure which way to walk when i got over here. >> people are crossing the street diagonally. i do feel like people could get hurt. this is an area with a lot of tourists. >> reporter: but transportation officials say this should make the intersection safer. >> you have to keep straight, sir. you can't turn. >> traffic can no longer turn at the intersection. >> we want to eliminate any con fugs between the -- confusion between the motorists and the pedestrians. >> reporter: after learning how it works, we spoke to several pedestrians who went from confusion to appreciation. >> i think it will probably help too in the evening especially with traffic in the center because it's real mess here. >> reporter: seventh and half is a test project f this works
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well, don't be surprised to see it at other busy intersections throughout d.c. d-d.o.t. says over the next couple of weeks, they plan to keep their people out here to make sure everyone is safe. you may recall if you lived here over 40 years ago, that these types of crossings were allowsmed they got rid of them in the 1970s because so many people were driving to work or they were using the new metro. they say a lot of people are walking to work again and that is why they are bringing these crossings back. good morning. it is 4:30 on this thursday morning. it is may 13th. 2010. temperatures cooler out there and the humidity we had yesterday is out of here. we hope anyway. thank you for being here. i'm gurvir dhindsa along with tucker barnes. it would be weird to see people
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walking this way. >> it would take some getting used to. >> we've all done it. it just has never been legal before. >> that's true. let's find out about this weather. >> today, we've been tucking about the up and down dance all week. today, temperatures will be below average in the 60s. some of us got a trace of rain yesterday but others, a good soaking rain. >> thunder boomers. >> we had one or two and some pretty good rain. let's go to satellite-radar. it is fading to the south. there is across southern portions of virginia. it won't rain much but it will be cloudy and cool as high
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pressure builds in here from the north and east. we'll be on the cool side today. that front come back on top of us as a warm front and we'll be back in the steam heat. >> thank you. let's go to julie and see how the roads are early on this thursday morning. >> good morning to you both. not so bad if you are traveling the inner loop of the beltway, the left hand exit is where we had the work zone. they are in the process of clearing that. right side of the roadworking well for you as you make the exit over on 66 towards vienna. no incidents to report leaving seminary road headed out to the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. prince george's county police are looking into a deadly car accident that left a toddler dead and her mother seriously injured. it happened just after 7:30 last night in landover. police say the woman was speeding when she veered off the road and slammed into a
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tree. the woman's 2-year-old daughter was ejected from her safety seat and later died at the hospital. impact was so hard it sliced the vehicle in half. police say speed and the slick roads were factors in that crash. a 14-year-old is behind bars accused of shooting at a school bus. all of this unfolded in fairfax county. that bullet hit just two feet away from where students were sitting and dangerously close to the fuel tank. nobody was hurt. the driver pointed police to an intersection where police found the teenager with a rifle and scope. >> everything came together rather quickly for this incident and again, it was the hard work of of the officers being determined to try to narrow down where this shot could have come from. >> the bus was leaving glasgow middle school for the day. police are still investigating how the tamer got the gun and will check to see if his parents might also be held accountable. alonte sutton's family held a vigil near the scene of sutton's murder in southeast washington. of his a d.c. council intern
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and a senior at ballou senior high school and according to police, amari cotton was upset because sutton refused to give him and his girl friend a ride last friday. saturday, sutton returned to change the tire and police cote woods and shot him. -- police say cotton followed him into the woods and shot him. checking national head lines, the largest drugstore chain in the united states is holding off selling genetic testing kits at the stores. officials say the decision comes after the food and drug administration raised concerns over the kit's manufacturer.
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pathway genomics said the kits would be on the shelves later this month. now, to the developing story on the oil spill in the gulf of mexico. last weekend, the huge containment box didn't work so british petroleum engineers have another plan to cap that leaking oil well and there is new video of the broken pipe. fox's phil keating has more now from the louisiana coast. >> reporter: bp releases brand- new pictures of the broken oil pipe 5,000 feet below the surface in the tbux. yellowish crude spewing from it like a geyser. bp says it has dropped a containment box called the top hat to the sea floor. next step is to move it over to the gushing well. >> it is about five feet tall, weighs just less than two tons. >> reporter: company officials say they don't know what caused the well to explode. >> we don't know what happened. i think that is what everyone here is trying to learn. >> reporter: representative
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henry waxman says documents show bp knew this was a problem with the emergency kill switch. >> this catastrophe appears to have been caused by a calamitous series of equipment and operational failures. >> reporter: as the well shoots out an estimated 210 gallons of oil per day, gulf state governors are on the move. louisiana governor bobby jindal visiting a wildlife rescue and the mississippi governor says his state has been lucky. >> so far, priers have been answered. >> reporter: in some spots, booms just won't stay fit. an bam pam man says he has a fix. he made an anchor for the boom to keep it to the sea floor. >> that will dig right down in the mud. >> reporter: bp is now considering waiting on the top hat idea and instead inserting a slightly oil pipe into the leak to siphon the oil up that
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way. prices at the gas pumps. there is a new report out as you plan that summer vacation. you might be surprised by what you could be paying for gas this summer. an argument over a dog ends in murder. a man is charged with killing his neighbor. we'll have the latest on that as fox 5 morning news comes back after the break. do you know what's in your spread ? in land o' lakes spreadable butter with canola oil, there are justthree na.
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making headlines this morning, a man is charged with killing his neighbor. a judge has set bond at $3 million because this man gunned down his neighbor allegedly in suburban chicago. police say the neighbor's dog urinated on charles college antes' lawn so he shot him. the victim, # with two children and one on the way. clemens routinely won the chicago suburbs beautification and lawn upkeep award. we are getting a look at the sole survivor a plane crash that killed 103 people in lib
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ya. the 10-year-old boy is believed to be a dutch citizen. doctors do expect him to recover. the plane crashed early yesterday morning on approach to tripoli. the president of afghanistan continues his busy visit to washington today after meeting with president obama at the white house yesterday. this morning, hamid karzai will meet with defense secretary robert gates and other top military brass at arlington cemetery. this afternoon, karzai will sit down with secretary of state hillary clinton for a live web event at the u.s. institute of peace. at the white house yesterday, president obama talked about relations with afghanistan. >> there are going to be times where our governments disagree on a particular tactic but what i'm very confident about is that we share a broad strategy. >> the bottom line is that we are much more strongly related to each other today than we ever were before. >> president obama also warned
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that there will be hard fighting over the next several months. saint majority leader harry reid is promising elena kagan that he will make the transition to the supreme court others smooth as possible. >> mitch mcconnell said kagan will need to sure that her current post as the administration's top courtroom lawyer won't affect her rulings on the high court. a setback for those would argue that the president is ineligible to be president. a new law allows hawaii to ignore repeated requests for the president's birth certificate. it is aimed at those who claim premier was born outside the united states. hawaii's governor says she has halloween seen vital records that prove that mr. obama is in fact a natural born american citizen. republicans have chosen tampa, florida as the site of their 2012 presidential convention. republicans are hoping the swing state will help them
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defeat president obama. the convention will take place the week of august 27th. the democrats, whose conventioning the following week are still trying to decide where they will hold the convention. could the herndon climb be coming to an end? we'll tell you why it could be on slippery ground. tech wars heating up. can a new google tablet compete with the ipad? all right. cloudy and cool out there. still a couple of lingering rain showers and i little drizzle as well. all the details on a could forecast. you will need a jacket today. and julie wright will be in with a look at your traffic coming up after the break. 
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welcome back. a naval academy tradition dating back more than a hundred years could be coming to an end. every year, naval academy plebes try to climb to the top of a greased monument. they are concerned somebody could get hurt doing the climb. >> a tradition. it is 100 years old. >> i know. so what are you going to do? >> i say let them climb it. >> okay. might be a little slippery today too with the raindrops out there. i had to turn on my windshield this morning.
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not a lot of rain, just mist. >> yeah, not a lot of rain shower activity left over. we're into the cool air once again. this will be a very cool one for us as our highs today are going to strug until the low 60s. all right. starting with the hd radar, let's take a look and gurvir mentioned the windshield wipers. a little leftover drizzle. just a couple of very spotty showers. looks like we have one near our radar site here just east of beltsville. there could be a few more up near 270. you get the idea. not a lot happening here. radar will not pick up the drizzle. there ill welcome back little leftover drizzle as the frontal system continues to kind of sag here to the south. let's show you the satellite- radar. i'll show you the frontal system. rain amounts yesterday afternoon, close to a half inch near bwi. some got soaking rain, others just some light showers. there goes your fronteddal system. can you pick it out there stretching to the west there with the rain showers. we'll be cool today as we will
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be locked in this high pressure. our winds are currently out of the east and that is pushing that cool maritime layer in from the ocean. later today and tonight, the frontal system is on the move again t will lift to the north and east and we'll vtd warm air right back on top of us. as we get into the daytime hours tomorrow, back into the summertime heat, we'll have mid- 80s around here, plenty of humidity and that cold front, seat rain out towards chicago, that will put the hammer on that particular event and we will be in for a very nice weekend around here. let's talk temperatures. cool, 54 degrees at reagan national. 51 in annapolis and 53 in baltimore. going to open it up for you here a little bit and you can see that the battle grounds are right across the mid-atlantic. high 1r0 down in the carolina south of that fronted. just 44 in new york city. -- high 60s down in the carolinas south of that front. today, no thunderstorms in the forecast. it will be cloudy and cool with
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a couple of light showers possible. wind will be out of the north and east at about five to 10 miles per hour. tonight, cloudy skies. temperatures slowly on the rise. i know, nighttime hours, that warm front will be lifting to the north. 59 will be the early overnight low and we'll see temperatures push into the 60s by tomorrow morning. we are off to the races tomorrow. 86degrees for an afternoon high. plenty of heat an humidity around. the showers and thunderstorms arrive during the late afternoon. they will be out of here late friday night and right now the weekend looks great. 70s both saturday and sunday. plenty of sunshine and low humidity. you got outdoor plans, go for it this weekend. that is it for weather. let's get to on-time traffic with julie wright. not a bad commute as you travel south of 370 merging on to the beltway. you will find lanes are open here coming southbound headed out towards the split. all lanes are open between
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college park and bethesda. the left hand exit to exit outbound on 66 is closed because of that construction. right hand exit remained open. that would lead you out towards vienna. close in, no problems to report leaving 123 to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. charges have been dropped against a driver in a deadly pedestrian accident in oxon hill, at least for now. police say juwan savoy was driving this suv doing doughnuts in a parking lot when the vehicle jump ad a curb pinning clifton harris against a wall. harris later died. the state's attorney says he is dropping the reckless driving charges to clear the way for potential manslaughter charges. a rusty light pole gave the driver on 395 the scare of his life t fell on his van as he was driving in rush hour traffic. the driver is doing okay but he is worried that there might be other rusty light poles to fall. the department of transportation was already inspecting poles around the
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city whether this happened on wednesday. there is a little bit of welcome news at the gas pump. experts predict gas prices will fall as memorial day approaches. the experts had expected a national average of more than $3 a gallon. they say prices have like peaked at just below that mark. one industry analyst says the national average could fall to below last summer's peak of $2.70 a gallon. foreclosure crisis finally showing signs of improve, the number of households facing foreclosure last month fell 2% from a year ago. the number of borrowers losing their homes is still rising. initially, lax lending standards are to blame and now economic woes such as unemployment may be behind the crisis. could your need to stay connected make you a crime magnet. d.c. police have reported an increase in cell phone
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robberies. police are swooping in and grabbing the goods. you can back a target just walking down the street. the smart phones are a target. >> if they can avoid walking around talking on the phone, they can do that because that takes away their attention from was going on. >> be aware of your surroundings. if you are walking around even during the daytime and you are distracted, that will make you a much easier target. just be ware of what is happening around you. an ipad war could be brewing. rumor has it that google is trying to compete with apple's ipad. melanie alnwick has a look at what is in the works. >> reporter: apple's ipad flew off the shelves when it was introduced. sales hit one million units in just 28 days. kevin was one of the first to buy. >> it is bigger than an iphone,
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smaller than a laptop, convenience, port built. >> reporter: google is apparently looking into that market. now, the "wall street journal" quotes verizon chief noel mcadam saying that verizon and google are working on tablets together. tech consumers say competition means more choice. >> google loves to compete and they always seem to come out with the latest and greatest. >> reporter: no discussion of specifics except for this google concept video posted on youtube. have flash player which allows users to view most of the entertainment video available on the web plus a camera and phone cape billeted. >> if they add phone software to it, it would be a whole lot cooler to have maybe using a blue tooth or something like that. the android software allows for greater flexibility. >> reporter: google has already begun to nip at apple's heels.
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the android-based phones outsold the iphone in the first three months of 2010. die hard apple fans will stay true. >> competition is always good but it is hard to beat the best. >> but the buzz about a google tablet shows the ipad will need to stay on its game. now, google just happens to be launching an e bookstore this summer. this brings up the question if the iphone will ever appear on the verizon network. that was expected to be in later this year. professional opinions range from the apple verizon relationship being in jeopardy to verizon just playing with google to get a better deal from apple. i'm melanie alnwick. >> we'll see what happens there. the buzz over washington nats pitching prospect stephen strasburg just got a little bit louder p he had another impressive outing. we have the highlights. and the latest on the tiger woods injury. nothing a little massage won't cure. your sports breakfast is coming up after the break. 
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back after a brief respite. good thursday morning. dave ross here with your ports breakfast. yesterday, the rubber match between the nats and the metropolitans. the nats were right back at it. this was a good one in the city that never sleeps. it is the pitcher and he can hit. he hit right there. actually drove in three runs in all on the day. two right here on the two rbi single and the nats were up. how about this, tied at two in the fourth. roger bernadina. his first major league home run, solo shot. nats up 3-# but he had -- nats up 3-2 but he had quite a day. more from him because we're tied in the ninth at four and
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if you had your first career home run, why not make it two? his first two home runs come in this game and that helps the nats get the 6-4 win. more good news for the nats. stephen strasburg was throwing a no-hitter last night in syracuse before he was taken out of the game. the 21-year-old top pick of the 2009 draft went six innings against the norfolk tide in his second start for the syracuse chiefs. he is good and he will be in d.c. before you know it. to camden yards we go, birds hosting the mariners. steps on the bag, throws it over to garrett atkins who gets the tag on josh wilson. that is a nifty trouble play. move, scott and great scott. get up and get out.
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they only watch it fly out. birds win. they beat seattle 5-2. we all love a good game seven in any sport and last night in pits gurge, a game seven scandal air i don't between the canadiens and penguins. i ask you, who are we supposed to root for. i think the caps fans will be happier than the penguin fans after this game seven. ten seconds into the game, sid the kid takes that boarding penalty. what are you think something only # # seconds later, they make the pens pay. -- only 32 seconds later, they make the pens pay. and they score again and can you believe it. montreal ousts pittsburgh. they win game seven 5-2 owe the capitals are gone and now penguins, last year's defending stanley cup champs are done too. last we saw tiger woods, this is what he was doing last week.
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had to pull himself out of the tournament due to neck and back pain. he says it is just a strained neck. just going to need rest and relaxation. he will come back to the game of golf when he is physically able. many guess he will play in the u.s. open next month. stay tuned. and fight fans, could be it on. a filipino sensation says he will be fighting in november, either november 6th or november 1th in new cowboys stadium down there in dallas. they could begin negotiation for the megafight this week. that is all for this edition of the breakfast. i will see you all tomorrow morning with all the highlights from the nats. plus, could tonight's game between boston an cleveland be the last one for king lebron james in a cavs uniform. we'll discuss in 24 hours. we'll see you then. >> we have much more coming up. your weather, traffic and all


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